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I love this book.
08 20 09_3752

And this one.

08 20 09_3753

And this one.

08 20 09_3754

And this one.

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Are you noticing a theme?


Mo + Willems = Funny

You may have noticed the award stickers on Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and Are You Ready to Play Outside. They are the Caldecott Honor and Theodore Seuss Geisel Award, respectively.

But don’t just take their word for it.

I adore the illustrations in these books. Mo (for some reason I think he goes by his first name not his last), anyway, Mo speaks volumes in his characters expressions and body positions. The words are actually quiet simplistic.

The illustrations are deceptively simplistic too. Plain, blank backgrounds, limited lines and shading, but such feeling from the characters. It’s amazing!

Here, see what I mean. . .

08 20 09_3756

08 20 09_3757

Haha, just look at Piggie’s face. She’s so dramatic.

08 20 09_3758

08 20 09_3759

08 20 09_3760

I’m not going to show you anymore. You’ll have to check your library or bookstore. It’s worth the hunt.

And of course, The Pigeon. What a guy! I’m pretty sure you know this guy. He just doesn’t usually look like a pigeon.  Maybe someone at your house, or work.

08 20 09_3761

Look at him trying to be all unassuming and nonchalant. Sneaky birdy!

08 20 09_3762

Okay, that’s all you get of Pigeon.

The Pigeon books, there are several, are more well known than the Elephant and Piggie series. But I favor Elephant and Piggie.

They are such good friends for each other. Lots of lessons to be learned along the way in both books. And plenty of humor to go with it. And who doesn’t love to learn something while laughing?