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You may have noticed the “Word of the Day” in the side bar. Today, it made me giggle.


Furbelow? Isn’t that an easy one? As in, “You gotta dig down deep to find my money jar ’cause I buried it furbelow.” “Furbelow the earth’s surface lays molten rock.”

Not exactly.

Furbelow: noun
1.A pleated or gathered flounce on a woman’s garment; a ruffle.
2.Something showy or superfluous; a bit of showy ornamentation.

Hmm, not nearly as funny.

I added the feed from Dictionary.com last week because I just love the site. I had actually thought of writing my own word of the day, but thiers are so much better than mine would be. (C’mon, I would have never come up with furbelow!)

I often go to Dictionary.com when I need to look up the spelling or meaning of a word, but there’s so much more there.

For word nerds like me, you can play the daily crossword puzzle. You can translate from different languages. You can even play with the thesaurus.

Dictionary.com is a great tool for scrapbooking as well. If you feel like you’re using the same words all the time, “girl”, “sweet”, “fun” for example, you can try the thesaurus feature to open up your thinking.

I’ll cover words for scrapbooking more in another post. I just had to comment on the funny sounding word of the day today.