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In earlier posts, I addressed my preferences for card stock, adhesives, paper trimmers, etc. But I haven’t written a comprehensive list of mandatory (okay, suggested) supplies for the beginning scrapbooker. They are. . .in no particular order. . .

-Album (I prefer post bound, 12×12, but whatever you want)
-Page protectors
-Patterned paper
-Paper trimmer
-Scissors and Craft Knife

Page protectors usually come with the album, but you can purchase more later when you’ve filled them up.

Cardstock is a must. Begin with a few basic colors. I find black and white to be surprisingly useful. Textured is preferred.

Patterned paper. Now don’t go nuts! You don’t need a lot. In fact, some very attractive pages can be made with several colors of solid cardstock. Buy a few sheets of patterned paper. You can buy one of those packs, but then all your pages kinda look alike.

08 13 09_3671

Scissors. Cutter Bee is a cool line.  Mine are called Color Bees. They are very sharp, with a fine precision point for tiny cuts.

08 13 09_3672
(Note, do NOT step on these while jumping up to stop your toddler from pulling all the adhesive squares off their tape. It hurts. A lot. Just trust me on this.)

Cutter Bee also makes a pair called Honey Bee that is like Teflon. When you cut through sticky things like stickers or glue, the gooey stuff doesn’t stay on your blades.

08 13 09_3674
A Craft Knife (aka X-acto) is also very handy.

Letters. You’ll need letters for titles. They are neat, attractive, and easy. You can use stickers and rub-ons.

When it comes to stickers, anything with some texture or dimension to it is better than just a plain ol’ sticker. I love the ones called Thickers. I can’t remember who makes them though. I’ll feature them sometime.

Rub-ons are really cool. They are pre-printed letters, titles, and designs on a transfer paper. You just lay the transfer where you want it and rub it on with the included rubbing stick.

Embellishments. Well, if there were ever a place to lose your mind, it could be shopping for scrapbook embellishments. Tell ya what, begin with simple things like brads, eyelets, ribbons and fibers. Don’t get anything too specific like baseballs unless you plan to do a lot of baseball pages and want the same element on all of them. My advice, watch the Hobby Lobby sales for PaperStudio Spare Parts 50% off. This is a great deal. Spare Parts are the best. You can buy a mix of 100 tiny brads for $2.50!

08 13 09_3676

Pens. I don’t usually use pens for much. Sometimes a date, a quick note, or a hand-drawn detail. I usually stick to black and brown. Start with one or two and see what you think. You may want a whole arsenal of pens once you get going. Every scrapper is different.

08 13 09_3673

Not an essential, but another tool I use a lot is a basic compass from back in my school geometry days. It’s great when you need to draw circles.