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There are numerous tips on homeschooling with little ones around.  This is something that’s working for us.

My older daughter needs individual reading time each day where she can explore her books on her own.  This is seperate from our read-alouds and when she reads to me.  I was having a hard time fitting that in until I realized how well this works.

My girls share a room.  So, around naptime each day, we go into their room, all sit on the little girl’s bed and read a few picture books.  Then I leave a stack of books on her bed, give the older child a stack of books on her bed, turn on some quiet music and sit down with my own book.

Before I even finish a chapter of my book, the little one has fallen asleep.  I hope she keeps doing that, but when she eventually outgrows naps, this will still be a great quiet reading time.  I don’t think it would work in our family if we were not all in the same room. 

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It’s such a peaceful time.  I love that I’m actually able to get in some personal reading, too!  Bonus!