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I promised you more wheat germ recipes, so here goes.

Begin with some cubed boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  (I find two is sufficient for my family.  Somehow cutting it up makes you think you got more.)

08 11 09_3632

Give it a heavy dusting of garlic powder.  Allow me a quick side story.  We made these last week and my five-year-old was helping.  She sprinkled on the garlic powder and did waaayy more than I would usually do.  Turns out, they were the BEST chicken nuggets we ever had.  So give ’em a good child-handed dusting. 

08 11 09_3633

Tonight I added about 1/2 teaspoon of chili powder.  I was feeling a little smoky/spicy tonight.  Sometimes I want them a little more traditional and I leave it out. 

08 11 09_3636

A little dusting of oregano and paprika–two of my favorites for chicken.  And of course, salt and pepper. 

It appears someone has dripped some water into my kosher salt and made it all sticky.  It is coarse, but not that coarse.

08 11 09_3638

In a seperate bowl, plate, or baking dish, we’ll make our breading.  Mix together a half cup of bread crumbs and a quarter cup of wheat germ.  Sprinkle in a little more of each of the previous spices.  And mix to combine.

08 11 09_3641

In a separate bowl, beat a few tablespoons of milk into an egg. 

08 11 09_3640

 Pour the egg mixture over the chicken.

08 11 09_3646

Now, get some oil heating in a pan.  Just on medium tonight, you don’t want to burn the breading before the chicken’s done.

08 11 09_3643

Pick up a few pieces of wet chicken and roll them around in your breading. 

08 11 09_3647

Lay them into the oil.  If it makes you happy, get all of them breaded and waiting on a plate and put them in the oil at the same time.  They’ll be easier to keep track of, but I’m a fly by the seat of my pants lady, and I do them a few at a time.  I  just try to start on one side of the pan and work my way around. 

08 11 09_3648

When they start to brown, give them a turn.  Use my Handy Trick to check for doneness.

08 11 09_3651

Remove them to a plate lined with a paper towel.   Serve.  The Little Plums request ketchup, but the Man of the House admitted, “they’re better without it.”

Lady’s Chicken Nuggets with Wheat Germ

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten around to buying any wheat germ, you don’t have to put it in.  Bread crumbs work just fine on their own.


Note From Lady:  After I wrote this recipe, I made nuggets again and I remembered that when my daughter and I made the truly delicious nugs, we also put plain flour into the breading.  So, in addition to the wheat germ and bread crumbs, mix in a half-cup of flour too.  It makes them a little less crunchy and more like those nuggets we crave on Sunday when their fast-food home isn’t open.