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First off, I am in no way affiliated with Chili’s. It makes me no difference if you go there or not.

But, apparently some of you would like to see more of my money-saving tips so I thought I’d let you in on this.

Three courses?  Twenty dollars?  That’s a great deal. 

But we can make it even better.  Let’s just say that instead of two people, you are a family of four and you rarely make it through a drive through without dropping twenty bucks.  Can you afford a sit-down dinner?

This tip comes from Coco.  Her family of four took advantage of this great offer this way. 

Sister would like nachos.  Brother wants a burger.  Mom wants the Big Mouth Burger Bites, and Dad wants chicken-fried steak. 

So. . .

Sister’s nachos are the appetizer. Brother and Mom share the Burger Bites, and the second entree is a choice for Dad.

Not sure it will fill everyone up?  Don’t worry, the Molten Chocolate Cake is enough to satisfy and leftover munchies! 

In our experience, the wait-staff at Chili’s has no problem dividing meals or bringing the appetizer at the same time as the entrees.

Living on a budget doesn’t mean forgoing all spending.  Hey, we’d never make it if that were the case. 

Tomorrow, we’ll talk bigger tips.  Like saving on electricity or mortgage payments.  Keep your comments coming!