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I’ve decided this section should really be called Scrapbooking 100 because it’s not even as advanced as Scrapbooking 101. ūüôā

We’ve already covered cardstock, photos, and adhesives in another post. See Beginner’s Scrapbooking.

Today, we’re going to talk about paper trimmers.

Everyone needs a paper trimmer. Why? They are extremely handy for all kinds of household/office projects. For the scrapbooker, it’s invaluable. It will be your most used tool, so choose wisely.

What should you look for? Well, I’m going to show you mine, but it’s ancient. It is a Fiskars Brand basic paper trimmer.

08 08 09_3616

I’ve read that Fiskars is the most popular brand scrapbookers choose. They even have a new purple one!


Ooooh, can you say wish list? 

Anyway, back to mine.¬† You’ll want to look for a trimmer with a swing out ruler like this. ¬†

08 08 09_3617

The ruler¬†must have¬†measurements on it.¬† This is so you can cut longer widths.¬† You’ll want at least 12 inches.

08 08 09_3618

There are different kinds of cutting blades. Rotary or slider, scoring or cutting. I think a basic slider is just fine and cheaper when it comes time to change out the blade. A sharp blade is the most important thing in getting a clean cut.

So,  I realize this is pretty elementary, but if all this scrapbooking stuff seems impossibly complicated, keep reading.

Let’s pretend we want to cut this little scrap into a 2-inch by 3-inch rectangle.

First, you lift up the “arm” and slide the paper under.

08 08 09_3620

Now line up the edge of the paper with the 3″ mark on the base.

08 08 09_3622

Press down on the arm to hold the paper in place as you slide the cutting blade down. It runs in a little channel and slices the paper.

08 08 09_3621

Now lift up the arm and turn the paper.¬†¬† Line up this edge with the 2″ mark¬† on the base.

08 08 09_3623

Slide the blade down and cut the other side of your rectangle.

08 08 09_3624

And voila! You have a 2-inch by 3-inch rectangle.

08 08 09_3625

Soon, we’ll see how we can apply this to an actual layout. Baby steps. Anyone can do this! Now, go play with your paper trimmer.