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Or maybe I should say an Insides Man.

08 08 09_3579

My daughter recieved this as a Christmas present last year. At first I’m not sure what she thought. Now, that he’s had some exposure on our playroom shelf, he’s one of the most popular toys in our house.

08 08 09_3580

He is filled with squishy “guts” that you can pull out and take apart.

08 08 09_3589

First you remove the skin and the rib cage and then . . .

08 08 09_3590

You remove the organs one by one. . .

08 08 09_3592

08 08 09_3593

And place them on the Organ-Izer. Hahahaa!

08 08 09_3585

That cracks me up!

08 08 09_3595

The inside man–just our name for him, by the way–also comes with a book.

08 08 09_3584

It includes information on the functions of each organ. From the mouth. . .

08 08 09_3599

to the intestines and everything in between.

08 08 09_3601

It also includes the most important information, how to put him back together.

08 08 09_3602

Can I just tell you, I actually sat and entertained a group of four first-graders for almost an hour the other day with this guy. Just taking him apart, talking about the pieces, and putting them back together. I don’t think I have to tell you, but kids this age are especially interested in the digestive system and anything else that has to doo with stuff coming out of your body.

And I can’t let you go without showing you this, the most questioned and disputed organ in our inside man. . .

08 08 09_3604

Mooommmm, what’s this? The bottom? No, it’s the lips. . .the heart?

Any guesses?

It’s actually the diaphragm, y’know, the muscle that lets you draw in air.

And, while the inside man is anatomically correct on the inside, he’s not so much on the outside. Hey, you don’t have to teach all of human biology just yet.