When it comes to homeschool curricula, I’m a hunter/gatherer.  Rather than an all-in-one packaged curriculum, I’ve been perusing and hoarding books all summer. 

I’ve also ordered a lot of catalogs.  There’s no shortage of available options.

One day, I went to the mailbox and discovered it was stuffed with a folded mass of pages. “Where on earth did this giant phonebook come from?” I thought.  Then I pulled out this. . .

06 12 09_2890

That is one big catalog!

The Rainbow Resource Center has just about everything a teacher could want.  It’s filled with books, art supplies, crafting books, science equipment, math curriculum. . . And MUCH, MUCH MORE! 

06 12 09_2887

It boggles the mind.

I could literally spend hours in this catalog, dreaming of the things I’d like to teach.

I’m honestly surprised that they sent me such a huge catalog free of charge.  In hindsight, I guess I should have searched their website before requesting the catalog. 

But then I’d never know how huge it was!