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There is an entire cabinet in my kitchen devoted to cookbooks.  Most home cooks would probably say the same thing.  There are tons of great collections of recipes out there. 

These days, I often turn to the internet for great recipes.  But, when I really need the honest-to-goodness this-is-how-you-do-it instructions, this is where I turn.

08 03 09_3469 copy

There’s something comforting about this book.  I love the heft of it in my hand.   Except for her cake icing recipe and the box of  splatter-stained index cards, this is the book my mother cooked from.   

It’s the book I learned to cook from.  Back before there was a food network or internet recipe databases (databasis?  databaseeze?)

And they mean illustrated.  Just look at these photos.

08 03 09_3470

08 03 09_3471

I remember scanning these pages over and over as a child. Some of the dishes seemed so fancy and exotic. I didn’t know what choux pastry was, but those swans looked delicious!

I imagined pretty ladies in lovely dresses bringing out these dishes from their kitchens and serving them to very impressed guests. 

08 03 09_3472

Some things I just wanted to pick off the page and eat. 

This was my first venture into cooking.  08 03 09_3473

Pancakes.  Straight outta this cookbook.  It brings back memories.  I had to stand on a stool just to see them in the skillet!

Notice how each step is illustrated.  Perfect for a quick glance over at what’s next.

My mother found me a used copy of it a few years back.  It’s got another woman’s name inscribed inside the cover.  It’s reassuring knowing it’s helped others, too. 

Thank you, Good Housekeeping, for introducing me to a love of cooking!