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Well, no amount of penny-pinching on grocery bills is actually going to come up with enough dough to pay down a credit card balance with a jacked-up interest rate.  I realize that.  So, where is that money going to come from?

The first place to look is money we already have.  Thankfully, the Man of the House and I have established a useable budget.  The operative word there is useable. It has taken many drafts over the last seven years of marriage to nail it down.   See How I Made a Budget for more info.

We’ve cut everywhere we can think of, even down-grading our tv programming to save $14 a month. Our budget is still not going to ditch debt.

Therefore, only one conclusion can be drawn.  Gulp.

We need more income. 

I’ve got two little plums at home, one is homeschooled, so it would be a super drastic turn our lives upside down and kick us in the gut life change to send everyone off to school, daycare, and work. 

(If you are a working mom, more power to ya!   I can work hard, but being away from home is just not me.   I am, after all, the Lady at Home. )

So, how to make money home?   Do some research.   There are a lot of options.

This week I’m trying “make money taking online surveys and reading emails.”  Doesn’t sound too promising does it?

According to Good Morning America, InboxDollars.com is a legit opportunity.  So, I signed up.  

At only 2 cents per email, and no guarantee of how many emails you’ll get, I’m skeptical.  After two days, I have 4 cents.  (Did you know there is not even a “cents” key on the keyboard?)

Add that to the automatic $5 sign-in earning and a dollar’s worth of profiling surveys and the grand total is $6.04.  Not exactly the second income I was looking for, but not bad for a few mouse clicks.

I’m not giving up on it though.  Apparently the more you do, the more opportunities arise.  Maybe.

Still looking.

Be a Blessing, Lady