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11328Dear Debt,

It’s over.  I think we both knew one day it would come to this.  A girl can only take so much.  For the past several years, we’ve been in a co-dependent relationsip. But now, I’ve had enough of you. 

Lately it seems as though every where I go, you’re on my mind.  You’re there with me in the store or at my home computer.  I can’t even go out to dinner with my friends because of you. You’re following me around like a black cloud watching my every move.  You’re controlling and manipulative.

I’m tired of your lies.  In the beginning, it was good.  Low interest rates, bonus points, all the things a girl loves.  You made me believe I could have the things that I wanted.  You made me love you, and then you showed your true colors.  Deep down you were a monster.  You made me pay for those things, again and again.  And heaven forbid I should ever make a mistake!  One tiny slip up and you pulled the rug right out from under me, jacking up the interest to abusive proportions. 

Well no more.  We’re through.  Oh, I know you’ll come around every month or so, but believe me when I say your power over me will become less and less until you have no control.  I’ll say good-bye one final time and be rid of you forever. 

Good bye,

The Lady