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Our math curriculum arrived to day. I’m very excited.

New books always make me happy. They seem so fresh and full of information just waiting to be explored and let loose.

Old books also bring me joy, but it’s a different sort of feeling. Like well-worn shoes, you feel they have a story. An old book has been places. It’s told its stories countless times and lived to tell the tale again. Old books have substance.

Our new math is not, “the new math”. I’m not even sure I know what that means. It is Singapore Math Primary Math 1A. We started with Singapore last year and my little plum loved it. The expression on her face when a new concept finally clicked was priceless. I had expected learning to read to bring that look, but not as much as math.

Singapore math is, in fact, based on the math curriculum of children in Singapore. It presents the information in such a way as to move the child from concrete examples (two toothpicks and three toothpicks is five toothpicks) to abstract concepts (2+3=5).

The original version is written in British English (“colour”) with metric measurements, but there is a US version (“color”) with standard measurements. And ANOTHER Us version that is aligned with California state standards.

Primary Math is divided into grade levels and furthur divided into “semesters”. That is, there is a 1A and 1B. 07 31 09_3353

Each semester has a full color student textbook, 07 31 09_3355

 workbook and a teacher’s guide.

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We chose the home educators version of the teachers guide.

If you’re interested, I’m sure Singapore Math would love a web-visit.

You can also purchase this curriculum through Sonlight.

Be a blessing!